Синтезатор FIRST MC-3A (Letron) торг

799 грн

49 midsize keys
polyphony 4 notes (only 1 note when accompaniment or manual bass active)
stereo (quite loud 2x 2W amp with 10 cm speakers)
12 OBS preset sounds {piano, saxophone, pipe organ, guitar, trumpet, violin, harpsichord, jazz organ, synth, cowbell, oboe, clarinet} (squarewave with digital envelopes)
8+1 OBS preset rhythms {rhumba, rock, march, disco, pops, 16 beat, bossanova, waltz} + "cha cha" as custom drummer default pattern
separate faders for main-, rhythm- and accompaniment- ("A.B.C. " = auto bass chord) volume controls.
5 too small drumpad buttons (those often get stuck)
5 percussion sounds {base drum, tom, snare, open and closed hihat} of unique electronic style.

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